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2019 BMW i3 EV rebates
Nov 15

If you're in the market for a new electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), and you live in California, now is a great time to buy.

San Francisco Los Angeles Auto Show
Nov 3

Californians who are in the market for a new car (or just like looking at new cars) have two unique opportunities starting this month with the Los Angeles and San Francisco Auto Shows in town.

2019 Volvo V90 Wagon California
Oct 15

With the number and variety of hatchbacks and wagons available today, it can be difficult to narrow down your options and determine which is the best choice for you.

2020 Audi e-tron All electric vehicle SUV California
Sep 10

Electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids are a great choice for so many reasons. In addition to getting you into the coveted California HOV lane, driving a vehicle in electric mode can reduce an individual's carbon footprint by as much as 40%. 

android auto
Aug 28

By now, you’ve likely heard of Apple CarPlay, the in-car interface that enables drivers to directly connect their iPhones allowing integration with calls, texts, music and, of course, Siri.

Aug 13

Since the advent of Apple CarPlay, a number of mainstream auto brands offered the smartphone interface to connect their vehicles directly with the user's iPhone, allowing integration with calls, texts, music and, of course, Siri.


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    Redwood City

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  • SD

    "Cartelligent was GREAT! No pressure, easy to work with, and the ease in signing the paperwork is worth the cost ($500) alone. I was super concerned about price. Kept calling various dealerships to make sure I couldn't get a better deal by going straight to the dealership. I couldn't. And the money she saved us in the extended warranty was amazing. Highly recommend."

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