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2018 Subaru Outback All-Wheel-Drive California
Jan 29

With ski season in full swing, now is a great time to look at an all-wheel drive vehicle that can help navigate the snow-covered roads on your way to the slopes.

Waleed D Skip the Dealership Irvine California
Jan 12

Irvine resident, Waleed, was ready to upgrade to a new car. After hearing about our service from several friends, he gave us a call to help find the car he wanted at a great price.

2018 Mazda line up Santa Clara California
Jan 8

At Cartelligent, we work directly with individual clients and help them weigh their options to decide exactly which car is best for them.

Jan 4

We strive to cover a range of topics on the Cartelligent blog—from the latest in new car technology to in-depth buy vs. lease analysis to insider tips on new car buying. In this post we count down our most-read articles in 2017.


Ernie G Sonoma California Skip the Dealership
Dec 18

Sonoma resident, Ernie, was ready to trade in his older Prius for a new car. After reading about Cartelligent online and noting the testimonials, he gave us a call to help find the car he wanted at a great price.

Winnie J Moraga California Skip the Dealership
Dec 16

Moraga resident, Winnie, was ready to upgrade to a new Volvo. After learning about Cartelligent from a friend, she gave us a call to help locate the car she wanted at a great price.


  • Gabriel S.
    Redwood City

    "Cartelligent is a great way to buy a car, full stop. There are other services that ostensibly help with getting the best price. But Cartelligent is just the easiest, most time-efficient, most easy-going way to buy a car I've ever used (and I've use a quite a few). I'd definitely do it again, and I recommend it to family and friends. Money really well spent."

  • SD

    "Cartelligent was GREAT! No pressure, easy to work with, and the ease in signing the paperwork is worth the cost ($500) alone. I was super concerned about price. Kept calling various dealerships to make sure I couldn't get a better deal by going straight to the dealership. I couldn't. And the money she saved us in the extended warranty was amazing. Highly recommend."

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