How We Compare

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We don't just find your perfect car. At Cartelligent, we address every detail of your car-buying needs in a swift, knowledgeable, and friendly way.

Expert Advice Cartelligent Dealer Costco TrueCar
Dedicated single point of contact throughout purchase b a a
Personal independent advice on any vehicle b a a
Personal expert advice on leasing and financing b Some a


Right Car, Right Price Cartelligent Dealer Costco TrueCar
Compare pricing and features across brands b a b
No-haggle, below-market pricing on your new vehicle b Some b
Search statewide inventory for your color and options b Some a
Includes negotiation of low lease/finance interest rate Some 
Low price on an extended warranty or other products Some 
Offer high value for trade-in as part of service Some 


Great Experience  Cartelligent Dealer Costco  TrueCar
No need to set foot in a dealership b a a  a
Consistent high quality experience b Some a  a
Fast, easy paperwork and new car orientation b Some a  a



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